“How exactly do I even gain this trauma from a past life?” Well, this is based upon the Law of Compensation, one of the main principles of the Universe in which it weighs karma & debt. In this particular situation where you did not pass certain life lessons, this principle acts much similar to financial debt: You must pay. If not in that lifetime, then this one! 

When a trauma from a past life has not been resolved, it will pass on from lifetime to lifetime until it is addressed. A way to tell if you are carrying trauma from a past life is a recurring pattern, behavior, phobia, mindset that cannot be cured by just any means. 

This usually is a classical sign of a regression due to the fact that the trauma is hidden far deep into the subconscious mind and requires a method that will match the depth, to extract the exact memory of the specific time & place, then rescript and reframe. 

The Womb Regression method I have created is the basis for all future regressions. Why? Because all the trauma from past lives, and all of the future childhood trauma you will experience once born, is activated in the womb of your mother.

Did you know… that your soul chose your mother & father, the type of body, location, etc. that make you the very person you are today to carry your soul? 
Your soul chose this specific body to finally address these life lessons, in the present time! 

Or probably you’ve come across this site, and read yourself some real reviews, and you told yourself, “I have nothing else to lose!”
My name is Arturo, and I’ve helped thousands of people with different emotional, life, and spiritual problems. I help survivors of trauma to heal their unconscious traumas and break the pattern so you can fall back in love with yourself, feel healthy self-esteem, be more successful in your professional and social life. By reprogramming the trauma you will achieve a more normal life again, enjoy yourself, good self-value, good boundaries, discipline at work, the manifestation of success. The way I can help you to get this result is by reprogramming traumatic events, removing energetic imprints from past life traumatic events, and complex, with simple natural and unconventional methods of regression. I provide you a clear vision of the future and outcomes by using powerful deep visualization techniques. This will make you feel free and empowered to manifest success in different areas of life.

Womb Regression is a method I have created to help people rescript and reframe areas of their mind connected to traumatic events that are affecting them at a subconscious & conscious level.

This type of regression will help you better deal with your emotions and will free you from the pain of your wounds, connecting to your past.
My Womb Regression method allows me to help people to let go of habits, emotional burdens, spiritual debt, and past lives in just one session and much more.

This way of emotional healing has already helped thousands of people be free and finally move forward with a clear direction.
The Womb Regression method has been the best answer for those ready to grow and mature their consciousness and advance their soul.

By freeing them from mental distractions that they may not realize are there on a conscious level. 

In fewer words, this process is a transformational event that will start your spiritual and emotional wound healing in just one session. Saving you of possible years of therapy, and changing your life forever. 

What is a Womb Regression?

You get excited! There is hope, but what exactly is it? More importantly, where exactly are they getting their help? That person got help from a different alternative out there! “A solution from a spiritual coach?” You may be thinking this to yourself. “Well, whatever it is, sign me up!” You need the help.

In most cases, you have no idea where your behavior comes from; it’s just there and it is not helping you achieve your life purpose.

If you have friends with spiritual knowledge, they may suggest that it could be your past life.

You may be in the need of a Womb Regression!
What is a Womb Regression? This method is designed to have a person go back in time, in periods of 5-year increments, until the person can finally go back into the womb. 

Now, to elaborate a little further, this method was created upon a theory that I have. 

This is based on reincarnation-- which means that our soul has been through many lifetimes, has accumulated karmic debt, and did not pass certain life lessons resulting in unresolved trauma. 

How often do you feel like something is wrong with you, and you can’t seem to figure out why?

How often are you succeeding at work then suddenly… you become uneasy, sad, or angry for no reason at all?

So, how about when you keep repeating the same mistakes in your relationships and it’s starting to look like you’re forming a pattern?

And lastly, how often do you feel like you need to move forward but you keep getting stuck, and you have no idea why? 

....And finally, you’ve become sick and tired of your overall situation from looking for answers everywhere, including all kinds of therapy!
You’re desperately trying to make sense of so many different issues and behaviors that are not helping you in your daily life. You get exhausted, nothing works, therapy is ok but not quite as effective as you thought.
Finally, someone shares a similar situation with you, and they’ve found real answers and solutions to their problems!

You hear people saying all the time, or you read online, that it may be part of your genes.

uh yesss!

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Being born with a natural gift to see the human magnetic field allows me to see most times what is in your way preventing you from taking action toward your goals or desires.

The human magnetic field shows if there are internal or external forces that block you and suck your energy using resistance.

The Universe is quantum and magnetism so your life depends on your energetics. let me take a look.

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