The two essential keys for success in life are healing and reprogramming.

Healing your heart sets you free, and reprogramming your mind paves the way to a brilliant future.

How can you start your journey to healing and reprogramming...

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You've been striving to live a balanced life, cultivate meaningful relationships, nurture love and friendships, achieve your goals, and find financial success. Yet, it feels increasingly difficult.

You've genuinely put in the effort, learning and applying various strategies, but it often seems like unseen forces are holding you back. You wonder where your energy and vitality have gone.

Why do you keep repeating unconscious, draining patterns rooted in past traumas?

All this while feeling overwhelmed by self-doubt, teetering on the edge of giving up?

The problem? - YOU HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED THAT WAY and now...

Your ENERGETICS are attracting what you don't want.

All is achievable. Let's remove the blocks, reprogram your mindset, find your balance and prioritize.

my mission

Why do I do it?

My mission is to empower poeple to achieve a successful, balanced life and attain inner peace and happiness through healing and reprogramming their core selves. Guided by principles of self-love, respect, and emotional control, we aim to redefine, redirect, and expand human consciousness to foster a world society rooted in love, respect, and functionality.

My Goal is...

My goal is to support those who are ready to become strong, mindful individuals, projecting the greatness inherent in humanity.

Meditation is powerful and self fulfilling...

But Transmutation Meditation / Repros - Will bring your mind to greatness!

I remember always wanting to be a better child so my mother would stop hurting me. I thought that if I could just pay better attention to what she wanted, things would improve. Over time, I realized that trying to adapt to others' desires and control meant losing a part of myself.

However, through this process, I discovered a powerful tool for creating positive change in life. During my childhood, I learned how to practically reprogram my mind. Today, this technique is the best tool for quickly and easily shifting your mindset.

Healing your heart and soul to feel better physically its not easy and can be a long process... Until you meet the unconventional Draleon Method of Healing.

In over 30 years of work as a healer and coach, I see many people each week struggling with a deep sense of being stuck and lacking direction in life.

What most people don't realize is that old trauma and emotional wounds are often the root cause of this lack of direction and vision for the future.

If we don't heal these imprints, they will eventually surface, often at the worst possible times, leaving us confused about their origin.


Where to begin? I’ve been working with Arturo for a year now, but it only took the first two minutes of my very first session with him to know he was the “real deal”.

Jen W.

Transformational A higher being in a human body.

Since working with Art, I’ve completely transformed my life. He is the most amazing spiritual healer who provides practical applications and empowers you to take action. Life will never be the same. Thanks!

Erika B.

I have been working with Arturo since I was sixteen, and I can honestly say it has been the most transformative and rewarding work and continues to be five years later.


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Extreme! Sunny Cancun or Big Bear Snow ;)


Tacos, Iced Coffee & My Work


Society conditioned us to be disconnected from ourselves and our soul.

The soul speaks to us through intuition and instincts, but our body is skeptical.

The key to reconnect to ourselves and our soul is...


Meet Arturo...

Arturo Gaitan is a world-renowned metaphysical healer, mentor, spiritual physicist, and light warrior.

From a young age, Arturo was recognized as a spiritual prodigy, possessing a magnificent and beautiful soul. His intuitive abilities emerged following a spiritual awakening at the age of seven.

At that moment, Arturo realized he was different from most people, capable of perceiving and understanding things beyond ordinary imagination. He often wishes he could capture what he sees in a photograph to share his unique vision with others.

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