Healing humanity once and for all!

The human quality is dropping fast and our society is facing every time more and harder life and soul lessons.

The problem is that humans as individuals are being trained to fail and live stuck in misery.

Since we are born we are programmed to hurt and be distracted from our brilliant future and full potential.

Since little, I have decided that I will make a difference starting with my healing and my self-reprogramming to become a better human who can offer the best of me and now I am dedicated to sharing that with those who are sick and tired of their own bs.

Metaphysical Healer | Mentor | Spiritual Physicist | Light Warrior

I'm Arturo

I have helped and guided thousands of lives and my passion for helping you exceeds the ordinary self help systems.

With unconventional methods of energy healing, I will be able to pinpoint the root cause of your problems and aim for the new you.

My natural gift allows me to see your energetics and have a very fast and good idea of what really is affecting you, stopping you, and sabotaging you.

No matter if the energetics are internal or external, programing or past life karmic debts.

If you want to feel better and recover your self value or if you want to achieve your dreams and desires with less effort, you may be in the right place. There is no coincidence you found me.

I'm here to help you shift your energetics to get rid of your overwhelming trauma imprints and connect with your soul to have purpose.

Business, Life Mentoring and Coaching for humans looking to gain the confidence they need to chase not only their professional and personal goals but also regain balance and achieve inner peace.

My Journey

From a young age, Arturo Gaitan recognized his unique gifts and deep connection with the spiritual realm.

At just seven years old, after a profound spiritual awakening, he discovered his extraordinary intuitive abilities.

This marked the beginning of his lifelong mission to aid humanity in elevating collective consciousness and personal transformation.

What I Do

With over 30 years of experience, I have had dedicated my life to help individuals to achieve emotional, spiritual, and personal freedom. My sessions focus on:

Healing and Reprogramming: Using intuitive guidance and deep visualization techniques, I assists clients in overcoming fear, reprogramming traumatic events, and removing energetic imprints.

Practical Guidance: I offer simple, natural methods for personal growth, helping clients set boundaries, make wise decisions, and manifest success in all areas of life.

Holistic Support: Combining spiritual insights with practical strategies, I provide a balanced approach to healing and personal development.

How it works...



In your session Arturo will be able to see what is needed for you to feel better or find the answers to your problem.



After the reading or assessment session, if there is anything to work on, Arturo will create an action plan for you.



Arturo will guide you or mentor you with the necessary tools to help you to achieve the outcome that you are looking for.

Ready To Get Started?

My Methods

Arturo’s unconventional methods are both powerful and effective.

He integrates spiritual principles with practical applications, ensuring that his teachings are accessible and transformative. His techniques include:

Regression Therapy: Reprogramming traumatic events to clear energetic blockages.

Deep Visualization: Providing clients with a clear vision of their future to empower manifestation and success.

Emotional Healing: Developing a deeper understanding of human existence and personal accountability.

My Vision

Arturo envisions a world where every person can see their unique essence, live with divine purpose, and experience inner peace. He aims to:

Empower: Helping clients discover their true selves and their unique gifts.

Transform: Guiding individuals through personal and spiritual growth to achieve emotional control and inner harmony.

Inspire: Encouraging others to pursue extraordinary contributions to the planet and humanity.

Join Me

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, Arturo is here to guide you every step of the way.

Through his heart-centered approach and profound spiritual insights, you can achieve true freedom and manifest the life you envision.

Arturo Gaitan is more than a healer; he is a beacon of light and a mentor for those seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

Darcy O. San Diego--

Connect with Arturo today and begin your transformation

Fun facts for Arturo!


Hiking, Cooking, Family Sleep :) 


Driving Street Legal Go-Karts Lol


Extreme! Sunny Cancun or Big Bear Snow ;)


Tacos, Iced Coffee & My Work


Society conditioned us to be disconnected from ourselves and our soul.

The soul speaks to us through intuition and instincts, but our body is skeptical.

The key to reconnect to ourselves and our soul is...