Consider this your sign, your divine appointment, a meeting that's beyond coincidence.
Dear Special Soul, it is our honor to meet you here.
Not everyone is in need of soul mastery and physical transformation. Not everyone feels the call from their soul to grow and become a master of life and conscious quantum eternity.
If you thought at some point in your life you don't want to come back after you pass,  this program is for you...

As you may already know, nobody finds Arturo Gaitan by accident.

An Underground Immersive Experience
for Soul Mastery

the 13th Personality

The entire world has changed and the global economy has been transformed with opportunities for all. But not everybody will see it. Back in 2017, in one of Arturo's presentations, he predicted this world change including the pandemic. He started to get ready a couple years before by bringing his expertise online and created a solid 7 figure business and Breaking Baduss is the step by step HOW he did it.
If you are a professional or a gifted person and you want to create a solid 6 to 7 figure business, this is for you.

This a program where Arturo shares step by step all the elements for you to bring your expertise and gifts into a online business that works NO BS!

practical prosperity from your expertise

Breaking Baduss

Arturo decided to leave a legacy for humanity and his tools and methods for healing can not be taken to the grave with him.
He has been teaching professionals and gifted healers his amazing tools.
The science behind his methods will leave anyone astonished  and the classes will  always be brain melting.
Arturo's love for humanity helped him dedicate his entire life to put together the most needed tools for emotional, and spiritual healing. As a consequence your physical body will feel better.

The most powerful healing methods known yet from the future.
From the source to humanity!

FOR magical creatures

Draleon Legacy Academy

Believe that you your soul needs mastery and your body balance and strength.

My programs are for you if...

My programs are not for you if...

If you are looking for a magic pill that will solve all of your problems overnight.

This programs are for you if you believe that we live in a material world and we all should be able to manifest prosperity and abundance so increase your manifesting power in a practical way.

Or if you don't have the tools or want to get better tools to help other people, love what you do and get rewarded.

Or if you the type of person that believe that you know it all and you are not humble to see perspectives and unconventional methods.

If you are afraid to invest in yourself.

Talk to franchesca

Want to know Arturo before you become part of any of the programs?

The process is simple, book a free call with Franchesca (Art's Manager) to get the most accurate information about Arturo and his programs.

His heart is huge, his humor is quirky, and his love is unconditional.

Let's get started!

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3 Simple Steps To Stop Negative Thinking And Gain Inner Peace!


My nothing is free guide to help you to stop negative thinking that consumes your energy and shift it in your favor in less than 3 minutes anytime you need it.
P.S. The price is just... You doing the steps ;)

thank you!