During the Reprogramming Session, Arturo utilizes his powerful method of Transmutation Meditation. This unique method channels a personalized Reprogramming Meditation based on your goals, vibrations, and energetics. Transmutation Meditation is specifically designed to connect your subconscious and conscious mind, enabling deep Reprogramming and spiritual connection.

After your Reprogramming Session, you will receive a Reprogramming Meditation from Arturo to practice for the next 21-30 days. This ongoing practice ensures continued progress and integration of the transformative changes initiated during the session.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Reprogramming sessions? Take the first step towards healing, growth, and a better life. Schedule your Reprogramming Session with Arturo today.

What are Reprogramming Sessions?

During a Reprogramming Session, Arturo combines conscious and subconscious restructuring, body integration, and spiritual life coaching. The goal is to aid you in redirecting and redefining yourself, with a strong focus on inner healing. By delving into the subconscious mind, he can address the root causes of issues and initiate lasting change.

Before your Reprogramming Session, you will have an assessment session to identify the specific problems you want to address. Whether it's bad habits, fears, doubts, grief, financial issues, repeating patterns, lack of motivation, anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, emotional issues, or more, Arturo will tailor your Reprogramming Session accordingly.

Are you longing for emotional and spiritual restoration? Look no further than Reprogramming Sessions. The primary focus is on healing deep-seated, unconscious imprints of trauma that stem from childhood, past lives, bodily distress, and challenging perspectives. This unconventional and powerful method not only promotes Healing but also facilitates Mind Reprogramming.

Arturo believes that balance, inner peace, and happiness are essential elements for personal growth. His philosophy revolves around two crucial pillars: Healing and Mind Reprogramming. By harnessing the highest vibrations, we create a magnetic force that attracts better experiences and connections. 

Arturo firmly believe that one cannot reach their full potential while trapped in unconscious trauma imprints and controlling patterns. Arturo has experienced the transformative power of these principles in his own life and is passionate about helping others attain a better life.

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Arturo will guide you or mentor you with the necessary tools to help you to achieve the outcome that you are looking for.

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After the reading or assessment session, if there is anything to work on, Arturo will create an action plan for you.

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In your session Arturo will be able to see what is needed for you to feel better or find the answers to your problem.


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Being born with a natural gift to see the human magnetic field allows me to see most times what is in your way preventing you from taking action toward your goals or desires.

The human magnetic field shows if there are internal or external forces that block you and suck your energy using resistance.

The Universe is quantum and magnetism so your life depends on your energetics. let me take a look.

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