The problem with karmic connections.
The main problem with karmic connections begins when you leave the space of the other person, object, or soul, especially during breakups.

People assume that just by leaving, they will fully begin to heal and forget, however, the truth is that they are still connected on a karmic level.

The Reality
The reality of the karmic exchanges with people is that it creates a block of energy, especially in their thought process.

I have witnessed so many cases of people that have left a situation involving someone else 20 years ago, and they still have the same emotional problems due to karmic connection.

Those problems can be unconscious reactions and patterns from that old connection, preventing them from having a new, healthy relationship. The cure to not feeling stuck, angry, and uneasy is beginning your Karmic Disconnection process today!

This process is the most powerful tool available nowadays for emotional healing and real detachment of the hurting emotions.

Most people think that this process is not for people that are already in a relationship because they are afraid of losing that person. They all agreed that once the karmic disconnection happens, the other person reacts, and in most cases, the other person tries to contact them.

Is Karmic Disconnection for everyone?
Yes, it is! Especially if you are having a lot of feelings or thinking about the other person.

Some people think that this process is not for people that are in a relationship because they are afraid to lose the person.

The difference between a person that you don’t want to have contact with ever again and the one that you are currently in a relationship with is simple.

The process will remain the same, but at the end of the session, the ones that are currently in a relationship will be able to improve positively by removing negative feelings.

In a scenario where you would like to cease all contact with the other person, the thoughts and memories will become powerless.
In other cases, the thoughts and memories will be erased, allowing you to be free of negative emotions.

I have encountered unique cases where I had to do a Karmic Disconnection on clients who are still connected to someone that has passed away.

What is a Karmic Disconnection?

Karmic connections are not limited to those examples. It could be a soul connection from past lives or this lifetime. It varies on how strong the attraction was from the start.

My name is Arturo, and I’ve helped thousands of people with different emotional, life, and spiritual problems. I help survivors of trauma to heal their unconscious traumas and break the pattern so you can fall back in love with yourself, feel healthy self-esteem, be more successful in your professional and social life. By reprogramming the trauma you will achieve a more normal life again, enjoy yourself, good self-value, good boundaries, discipline at work, the manifestation of success. The way I can help you to get this result is by reprogramming traumatic events, removing energetic imprints from past life traumatic events, and complex, with my simple natural and unconventional methods! I provide you a clear vision of the future and outcomes by using powerful deep visualization techniques. This will make you feel free and empowered to manifest success in different areas of life. 

Today I am going to share with you one of my methods, Karmic Disconnection, and how it works.

  Are you feeling angry with someone and can not let go?

  Have you recently gone through a breakup?

  Are you suffering from heartache and/or loss?

  Has someone previously cheated on you, causing you to feel horrible?

  Have you recently moved to a new town and find difficulties in adapting?

  Would you like to feel better?

  Would you like to stop feeling bad or angry with another person?

  Would you like to recover from a breakup faster?

  Would you like to let go of the past and open a new door for your love life?

If any of the above relates to you, you are in need of a Karmic Disconnection!

What is a Karmic Disconnection?
Karmic Disconnection is exactly like the name says, the action of disconnecting from a karmic exchange.

A karmic exchange typically happens on different levels.
It can generally happen between either two people or more, and can also occur with objects and spirits as well.

Karmic connections happen all the time.

It can happen at any time, any day in anyone’s ordinary life. It can simply arise from one single thought that can cause you to feel emotional.

Anger is the root of karmic connections, but it can also come from sadness, fear, or even happiness.

Well… I’ve got good news for you! 

How does the karmic exchange happen with another person?  
In my professional experience, I have been observing these types of situations between people for decades and it mostly comes from relationships that do not go well.

For more clarification, karmic connections happen at the moment two (or more) people come in contact for the first time.
 Then there will be levels of connections based on how much they share.

What are the levels of karmic connection?
The levels of karmic connection or exchange vary.
• A simple glance at the other person at a distance
• Verbal communication
• A physical touch
• Just thinking about someone
• A more profound physical and emotional exchange like sex

In those particular situations, the client gets disconnected inclusively from what people call “generational curses.”

I can recall previous cases where clients saw that their luck with money was very poor. However, I have found that after doing a Karmic Disconnection, clients have reported back with financial success, completely turning their luck around. 

In lesser words, Karmic Disconnections have helped so many clients in re-establishing their emotional health and have helped them take the next step forward in life.

uh yesss!

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