With my background, I will actually check if everything is in the right place, from branding to some of the organizational ways, and marketing, but my main thing is energetics. 

Clients from a Business Day with me experience total success in the launches of their business, products, etc. The most important thing is to help you to do what you love to do. All this happens if you have a business already. 

This type of Business Day is also for Entrepreneurs that do not know what they want to do with their lives. Here I am going to help you to discover what you are good at and how you can actually start your business by giving you a clear vision of what you are supposed to be doing and how you are going to be able to do it! I give you guidance and a lot of tips, where you can look for what you need. I have a team set up that helps with specific things that we do in house but I can also recommend you to look for any other type of help that I do not offer that you may need to do for your business.

So a Business Day is for an established business to get better or for new Entrepreneurs that have no idea which direction to take. And ALSO for companies or corporations that want to get better in areas like sales. For example, if a company or corporation has a sales team that has a goal and has been having trouble figuring out the goal and making the goal happen, I normally get there and can train in all the energetics for the team and make sure that you are going to get closer, or achieve their goals.

What is a Business Day?

I make sure that the business that you are doing aligns with the energy that you have and with the destiny that you have. A lot of people may not like that but I have clients that by changing the business they are in and modifying a couple of things that I said, they move from not having business in the last 5 years, no profit, no revenue, they are just failing, into making their business work and they start getting profit and start getting better. 

For a Business Day, I do this type of day AFTER a Healing Day. I normally would not do a Business Day without a Healing Day first, however, there could be exceptions for people that really do not need any healing. I always know that a Business Day could fail because there is a type of healing that needs to be done. That is why I do Healing and Business Weekends.

For Business Day, I have a very unique approach and vision of how business works. I use energetics which gives me a huge advantage to see what is working and what is not working in the business of the person. 

My very vast knowledge of branding, marketing, and design as a background, combined with my organizational skills in administration allows me to see and pinpoint not just at an energetic level but also in a practical way what is happening in the business of a person. 

I have cases where I can see that the client is in the wrong business. That is a possibility. Even though they say anything is possible, I see people getting stuck for years and years in a business that is not suited for them. It doesn’t really matter what they do because it is out of their destiny.

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In your session Arturo will be able to see what is needed for you to feel better or find the answers to your problem.


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Being born with a natural gift to see the human magnetic field allows me to see most times what is in your way preventing you from taking action toward your goals or desires.

The human magnetic field shows if there are internal or external forces that block you and suck your energy using resistance.

The Universe is quantum and magnetism so your life depends on your energetics. let me take a look.

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