What is an 8 Chakra Balancing Session?

Experience the power of the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process.

Our professional process is designed to reactivate the flow of your energy fields on each chakra based on the central 8th chakra system. Let the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process bring balance and harmony to your life today.

What is a Draleon Chakra Balancing?

It is an energetic-visual process that reactivates the flow of your energy fields on each chakra. It is based on the central 8th chakras system.

The purpose of the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process

The purpose is to help you to recover your personal energy and correct those areas where your chi (energy) is not flowing correctly.

Why do we need to balance our chakras at least every 3 months?

Nowadays, the world and humanity are going through a time when personal energy is one of the most precious things. The value of having power made humans try so many different things. This includes drugs, energy enhancers, etc.

Chakra Balancing is the perfect solution for those looking to recover their energy in a more natural and sustainable way.

With this unconventional method, thousands of people have regained and balanced their personal energy.

Mind and body energy blocks

So many factors will block or slow down our personal energy flow, from food, exercise, emotional issues, etc. Anything can be a factor to make our energy stuck. Even constant frustration about someone in your life can activate a block in your chakras.

We don't claim miracles.

But we have had excellent results. There are cases, specifically women, who had problems with menstruation and had not had a period in 6 months. After a Draleon Chakra Balancing, they had their period a couple of days later. Clients who had skin issues experienced their skin clearing up. There are a lot of advantages to this because this works directly with the primary energy of the chakras, the leading 8 chakras, not 7, 8!

How long does it take for a Draleon Chakra Balancing process to work?

You can feel your energy differently right after the process. Still, so many benefits can be noticeable in the next few days. Each person is different, but definitely, everybody notices the changes.

How long does the process of a Draleon Chakra Balancing Process take?

The process takes one hour.

How many assessment sessions are recommended before doing the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process?

One 30 minutes session or none if that is the case.

Is the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process for everyone?

Yes, this process ideally fits all people, including kids. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this. You can e-mail us at info@arturogaitan.com.

Is the Draleon Chakra Balancing Process safe?

100% Yes, it is!

Can this process be done to kids?


uh yesss!

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Being born with a natural gift to see the human magnetic field allows me to see most times what is in your way preventing you from taking action toward your goals or desires.

The human magnetic field shows if there are internal or external forces that block you and suck your energy using resistance.

The Universe is quantum and magnetism so your life depends on your energetics. let me take a look.

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